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I Chose Canada - A Memoir
By: Serge Radchuk, C.M, Q.C.

"I Chose Canada" is a remarkable story about a gentleman of Ukrainian heritage who has given his all to Canada.

From humble beginnings, Serge Radchuk survived the despair of Soviet occupancy and devastation of World War II.  When the opportunity came to embrace a safer and more secure future, Serge decided to flee Europe for the freedom of Canada, even though it meant leaving his parents behind. More

Price: $15


Reflections and Reminiscences -

Ukrainians in Canada 1892-1992
By: Michael Ewanchuk

This book is composed of different individuals' recollections and experiences as compiled by the author- a man of achievement who made it in an not always friendly environment.  It focuses on the positives of the Ukrainian experience in Canada and on the vertical growth of the Ukrainian Canadian community. The individuals included in this work serve as a metaphor for success which could be considered the central theme of the book.

Price $15




Stolen Child

By: Marsha Skrypuch

 They call her the “Hitler Girl” . . .

Stolen from her family by the Nazis, Nadia is a young girl who tries to make sense of her confusing memories and aunting dreams. Bit by bit she starts to uncover the truth — that the German family she grew up with, the woman who calls herself Nadia’s mother, are not who they say they are. Beyond her privileged German childhood, Nadia unearths memories of a woman singing her a lullaby, while the taste of gingersnap cookies brings her back to a strangely familiar, yet unknown, past. Piece by piece, Nadia comes to realize who her real family was. But where are they now? What became of them? And what is her real name?

This story of a Lebensborn girl — a child kidnapped for her “Aryan looks” by the Nazis in their frenzy to build a master race — reveals one child’s fierce determination to uncover her past against incredible odds.

Price $9

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