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January 2010

International Institute of Education, Culture and Relations with the Diaspora
NU "Lviv Polytechnic"
under the auspices Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


International Literary and Art Contest
for Ukrainian youth in the Diaspora and Ukraine
"For you, Ukraine!"

Ukrainian Youth is our future, irrespective of where they live: in Ukraine or the Diaspora. Ukraine is in a formative state. We strive to attract young talent, hard workers and intellectual thinkers to assist with the state building process of Ukraine. The desire is to cultivate love, respect and willingness to work to build the country. Ukraine is looking for Ukrainian youth, devoid of stereotypes, who are creative and faithful to the Ukrainian cause and who are educated in the free world. Fostering dreams of every child, boy or girl is a necessity to Ukraine – it is a key to strengthening our statehood.

I. Field of competition:

What am I doing or what I can do for Ukraine in the future, gaining some skills or long-awaited profession? How do I see Ukraine in the future?

II. The purpose of the contest:

Identify the attitudes of contemporary youth in Ukraine and abroad to the processes occurring in our country. Awaken the interest of national sources: the Ukrainian history, culture, spirituality.  Enjoy the creative personality.

III. Competition

Language - Ukrainian.

The competition works serve to highlight the main theme of the contest in any direction – use of imagination is key.

  • Genres:
    1) stories, memoirs, essays, fairy tales, letters, essays, journalism, etc. in prose and poetical form which may be accompanied by their own illustrations: drawings, photographs, ornaments ... (Be sure to send electronic and paper version).
    2) Fine art (paintings, posters, etc.). (Send a paper version, if you wish - Electronic).
  • The contest is open to schools and students under 18 years of age.
  • Submission Deadline - March 1, 2010.

IV. Results of the contest and award winners:

Results will be announced at the Third International Congress "Diaspora as a factor in establishing the state of Ukraine in the international community. The modern dimension. Mapping into the Future" to be held in Lviv in June 2010.

Winners (1, 2, 3 seats) will be invited to the city for the ceremony.

The best works will be issued a separate collection.

Results of the competition, information about the winners and their works will be represented in the media of member countries.

Jury (under formation): Nikolai Zhulinsky, Larissa Ivshina, Igor Kalynets, Thaddeus Karabovych (Poland), Maria Ljudkevych, Bohdan Stelmach, Lydia Piles (Canada), Dmitry Pavlychko

Events - Ukrainian newspaper "Day"

Works sent by e-mail address:

Contact:International Institute of Education, Culture and Relations with the Diaspora
NU "Lviv Polytechnic"
St. S. Bandera, 32 D
Lviv, 79013
Tel. +38 (032) 258-01-51, 258-01-61
fax +38 (032) 258-21-99

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