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As Approved 8 October 1981
And as amended 14 October 2000
And as Amended 23 October 2002
And as amended 28 May 2003

The Foundation is to be incorporated as a not for profit charitable organization under Section XXII - Corporation without share capital, Manitoba Companies Act.


To ensure that each child have an opportunity to acquire a knowledge of the Ukrainian culture and language through the development of the English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program in Manitoba specifically, and other Ukrainian language programs generally.


a) To collect funds and receive donations for the purpose of maintaining these as a principle fund;

b) To organize such campaigns to raise funds as is deemed necessary by the Foundation's Board of Trustees;

c) To invest donated funds in order to obtain the best return on investment;

d) To support the development of Ukrainian language programs in Manitoba, by donating funds to registered charitable non-profit organizations, specifically to support recruitment and promotional efforts for the English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program;

e) A designated portion of income may be used to cover administrative expenses of the Organization;

f) To comply with all requirements of the Income Tax Act, which may
be amended from time to time, in order to retain status as a charitable organization.

g) Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the Organization
is to operate as a non-profit corporation with objects to receive and maintain a fund or funds for such purposes as may be deemed necessary and to do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of its objectives.

4. Membership:

Members of the current Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of Manitoba Parents for Ukrainian Education Inc.

5. Annual Meeting:

a) The annual meeting shall be held to coincide with the Annual General meeting of Manitoba Parents for Ukrainian Education Inc.;

b) Quorum at the annual meeting or special general meetings shall be 7 members in good standing;

c) Notice of annual meeting or special general meetings shall be given in writing to members at least 15 days prior to the meeting;

d) Notice of amendments to the constitution shall be given in writing to all members 15 days prior to the annual or special general meeting;

e) All amendments to the constitution require the agreement of two-thirds of members present and voting at the annual or special general meeting;

f) Special general meetings can be called by two-thirds of the board of trustees.

6. Fiscal Year:

The fiscal year shall commence 1 April and shall terminate 31 March.

7. Board of Trustees:

a) The Board of Trustees shall consist of seven Members, and shall be elected annually and shall consist of the following positions:

(i) President

(ii) Vice President

(iii) Secretary

(iv) Treasurer

(v-vii) Members at Large

b) Four Members of the Board of Trustees will be Members of the Board of Directors of Manitoba Parents for Ukrainian Education at the time of election of Trustees while three shall be elected from at-large.

c) Trustees shall not derive direct financial benefit from their activities on behalf of the Foundation, but not including their own salaries, wages or honoraria.

d) The Membership may fill a vacancy on the Board of Trustees by election of a person to fill the vacant position for the un-expired portion of the term of the Board of Trustees.

e) Meetings to coincide with the MPUE Board of Directors meetings.

8. Dissolution:

a) The Foundation may be dissolved by vote of two-thirds, that is five of seven of the Trustees voting and by vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting at a Special General Meeting of the Membership called for this purpose, which is to take place no later than 60 days following the first Meeting.

b) Upon dissolution, all assets of the Foundation shall be transferred to MPUE. Inc., if extant, otherwise to a charitable foundation, whose aims and objectives are sympathetic to the promotion of Ukrainian language programs, for the specific purpose of promoting Ukrainian language programs in Manitoba.


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