English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program Information

English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program Information

Ukrainian heritage is alive and well in our province. From the lively festivals hosted throughout the province, to our love of perogies and the many dance troupes that perform across the province, there’s no question that Ukrainians celebrate their culture and community.

The English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program (EUBP) offers a balance of English and Ukrainian instruction, allowing each student to gain a rich understanding of the language, traditions and heritage. Taught in 12 Manitoba schools, the EUBP enables your child to learn the Manitoba Public School’s curriculum in both English and Ukrainian, with the study of French added in Grade Four, in a naturally enriching environment.

The EUBP features:

  • Enriched Curriculum
  • Warm, Nurturing Classrooms
  • Safe and Fun Learning Environment
  • Inter-School Activities for all EUBP students across the Province.

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