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Language Benefits

"He who does not know another language, does not truly know his own." Johanne Wolfgang Goethe


Intellectual Potential

Second Language LearningSecond Language Learning:

  • Increases cognitive skills, such as mental flexibility, creativity and divergent thinking.

  • Allows learners to process stimuli in a variety of ways. They "view the world" more flexibly and might be more versatile in processing information.

  • Strengthens vocabulary, communication skills, listening and memory skills.

  • Helps your brain be its best!

  • Allows students make effective use of verbal and non-verbal clues to grasp the meaning of any situation.

  • Develops your critical thinking skills.

  • Often produces students fluent in two languages who score higher in both verbal and non-verbal intelligence testing.

Scholastic Achievement / Effect on First Language

Second Language Learning:

  • Increases achievement in reading, language and mathematics.

  • Improves the knowledge and understanding of English through greater sensitivity to vocabulary and syntax.

  • Allows learners to perform better in their mother tongue than non-second language students.

  • Improves literacy; Skills and strategies used in reading and writing processes are transferable from first to second language and vice versa. · Allows learners to have a wider command of vocabulary.

Personal Benefits

Second Language Learning: Personal Benefits

  • Provides opportunities to interact with speakers of other languages.
    · Increases opportunities for travel and study abroad.

  • Opens your doors to the ARTS. Opportunity to experience literature, films, art, dance, music in their
    original form.

  • Introduces you to a wide world of sporting events.

  • Broadens your experiences; expands your view of the world.

  • Contributes to the creation of your personality.

  • Allows you to appreciate more fully your own personal and cultural situation.

  • Exposes you to the cultural diversity that makes up our Canadian heritage.


Second Language Learning:

  • Allows students to possess superior cross-cultural skills and adapt better to varying cultural contexts.

  • Enhances understanding of students' own cultures.

  • Fosters an understanding and appreciation for things that are different. · Increases tolerance, open-mindedness, and helps students gain greater insight into other cultures.

  • Supports students displaying greater cultural sensitivity.

  • Supports society as a whole, by profiting economically, politically and socially when its citizens can communicate with and appreciate people from other countries and cultures.

  • Encourages critical reflection on the relation of language and culture.

Career Potential

Language Learning:

  • Provides a competitive edge in career choices.

  • Connects to the need for communication skills in languages other than English in growing as the global market expands.

  • Enhances mobility and improves chances for promotion.

  • Provides opportunity to study at foreign universities.

  • Offers a wider choice for post-secondary study. (Bursaries and scholarships in Canada or abroad)

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