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Kindergarten is a year full of wonder and excitement for both parents and their children. It is a time of independence, and a time of tremendous learning. For this one pivotal year, the teacher will speak and sing with the children in Ukrainian as much as possible, to facilitate a comfort and ease with the language. Since this may be the first time the children will have been exposed to Ukrainian to this degree, there is a high use of visual aids, repetition and the arts. This enables the children to develop confidence with their new language skills.   


Grades 1 to 3

Approximately half the school day is taught in English with the other half in Ukrainian.

Subjects studied in English

English Language Arts

Subjects studied in Ukrainian

Ukrainian Language Arts
Social Studies
Art & Health
Ukrainian Dance (provided in some schools)

  Grades 1 to 3

Grades 4 to 6

The regular curriculum is extended to include Basic French beginning at Grade 4.
The students continue to develop their technology capabilities in the school’s computer lab. These enhanced skills are applied to their English, Ukrainian and French studies.

“We are amazed at how quickly the Ukrainian Bilingual students pick up the French language, for them it is a third language.” 
Springfield Heights Basic French Teachers

Grades 7 to 9

Students may continue the study of the Ukrainian language from Grades 7 to 9 where Ukrainian Language Arts is offered. For Grade 9 students, it becomes a credit course towards their high school diploma.

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