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Petrusia Perogy Visits Prince Edward School

Petrusia Perogy enjoyed visiting Prince Edward School to learn more about the English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program. She met Mr. Jacob the Principal, who welcomed our favorite dancing Perogy.  Sanchira and Elijah met Petrusia and were proud to show her around their school.  

Petrusia Perogy  continues to visit more English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program Program schools across Manitoba. Watch for more videos coming soon!

The English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program is offered in public schools across Manitoba, where students learn the Manitoba curriculum in both English and Ukrainian. Parents don’t even have to speak Ukrainian at home for students to succeed in the program.  The English-Ukrainian Bilingual program allows students to gain a rich understanding of Ukrainian language, traditions and heritage.

Do you know the benefits of learning another language?

  • Your child becomes a more flexible thinker
  • Improves listening and communication skills
  • Develops a deeper understanding of culture 

Learn more about the opportunity for your child to learn another language.  Enrich your child’s education with culture! 

For more information on registration for kindergarten at Prince Edward and other EUBP schools, visit our Kindergarten Information Page!