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School Trustee Candidate Questions AND Responses

MPUE is pleased to share School Trustee Candidate responses with our membership.  We are hopefully this will help you know your candidates and make informed decisions when you VOTE on October 26th!

Check out your School Division Candidate’s Responses by clicking on your division name below!

River East Transcona Candidate Responses Seven Oaks Candidate Responses  Winnipeg SD Candidate Responses 
Lord Selkirk SD Candidate Responses  Sunrise SD Candidate Responses  Mountainview SD Candidate Responses 

MPUE has reached out to local school trustee candidates in school divisions offering the English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program.  Our questions ask for their views and vision for the future of the English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program in their school division.  Candidate responses will be posted here on our website after October 19th.

MPUE has asked for Candidates to respond to the following questions, by email (mpueinc@mpue.ca):

  • What value do you place on bilingual language learning (for international languages beyond Canada’s official languages) and the associated multi-cultural learning opportunities for students?
  • What is your vision for the future of the English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program in your school division to ensure student success?
  • In your opinion, what needs to be put in place to support equitable access to bilingual language education in your school division?
  • Are you committed to open and ongoing dialogue with your constituents, community organizations and parents?

    You may ask “What can I do?”

    • Reach out to your school trustee candidates to ask how they will support the English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program. Contact information for school trustee candidates in your area are found on your local municipality websites.
    • Engage by email, phone or social media to let them know how you feel about the importance of the EUBP.
    • Talk to your friends and family about what you learned about the candidates,
    • On October 26th VOTE!