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Thank you to the Volunteers and Sponsors for the 2020 EUBP Grad Parade!

Thank you to the volunteers and sponsors for the 2020 EUBP Grad Parade!

Manitoba Parents for Ukrainian Education (MPUE) took on a great endeavour in June.  Due to the restrictions from COVID 19 MPUE could not move forward with the usual method of acknowledging the English Ukrainian Bilingual Graduates.  MPUE did not want this special occasion to go unnoticed.  So the idea of a Grad Parade was suggested.  As a volunteer organization, the board knew that this project could not be undertaken without the support from volunteers.  The following list of individuals eagerly wanted to make the Grad Parade an unforgettable experience for the Graduates and their families.

Coordinating Team:

Grad Parade Co-Coordinator – Paulette Monita, President, MPUE and EUBP Alumna

Grad Parade Co-Coordinator – Barb Thiessen, Vice President, MPUE and EUBP Alumna

MPUE Summer Student – Tyler Buternowsky, Ralph Brown School EUBP Alumna


Candy Bouquet and Package Prep Team:

Pat Bugera Krawchuk – Recording Secretary, MPUE

Barb Thiessen

Paulette Monita

Tyler Buternowsky

Michael Monita – EUBP Parent

Rebecca Monita – EUBP Student


Lisa Maximiuk – MPUE Board Member

Sanchira Maximiuk  – EUBP Student

Stu Baron – MPUE board member

Taylor Baron – EUBP Student

Landon Baron  – EUBP Student

Trinity Baron  – EUBP Student

Linkin Baron – Future EUBP Student

Oakbank Parade Crew (June 16, 2020):  Landon Drul – EUBP Student and Graduate, Lesia Drul, MPUE Board Member – Oakbank Representative, Tyler Buternowsky, Barb Thiessen, Paulette Monita


River East Transcona Parade Crew (June 18, 2020): Nataliya Sovinska – EUBP Teacher, Marianna Cap –  EUBP Teacher, Lisa Maximiuk – MPUE Board Member – River East Representative, Judy Burak – MPUE Board Member – Transcona Representative, Barb Thiessen, Paulette Monita, Tyler Buternowsky and Volodymyr Sovinskyy.


Smith-Jackson and Mackenzie Middle School Parade Crew (June 20, 2020): Rhonna Rodriguez – Teacher, Jennifer Chetyrbok – EUBP Teacher, Irene Yarema-Whitwell – Retired EUBP Teacher, Shelley Tucker – Principal Smith Jackson School, Paulette Monita, Barb Thiessen, Lana Thiessen – EUBP Graduate, Rebecca Monita.


Shkola R.F. Morrison and H.C. Avery Middle School Parade Crew (June 22, 2020):  Owen Debets – EUBP Student, Tyler Buternowsky, Maya Krawchuk – EUBP Student and Graduate, Paulette Monita, Rebecca Monita, Lana Thiessen, Karlie Debets – EUBP Parent, Pat Bugera-Krawchuk, Michael Ilyniak – EUBP teacher, Kristya Matwichyna – EUBP Teacher, Taras Melnychuk – EUBP Teacher, Kelly Melnychuk, Adam Hildebrandt – Principal H.C. Avery School, Michael Monita, Daniel Monita – EUBP Student and Graduate.


East Selkirk Parade Crew (June 23, 2020): Tyler Buternowsky, Annette Stasiuk – MPUE Board Member East Selkirk Representative, Nadia Gorbay – EUBP Teacher, Paulette Monita, Michael Monita.


Corporate Donors:

Jim Gauthier Chevrolet – Donated use of a 2020 Chevy Blazer

SignFX – Donation of colorful decals on the Vehicle

 – Thank you to Clint Remarchuk– MPUE Board member for making these arrangements


Oakbank Grad Photos | River East Transcona Grad Photos | Dauphin Grad Photos | Seven Oaks Grad Photos | East Selkirk Grad Photos

The parade visited about 100 families from the areas of Dauphin, Winnipeg, East Selkirk and Oakbank and area.  On behalf of these families, MPUE would like to shout out a huge Thank you to all of the individuals listed above.  Your time and commitment to this province-wide Graduate Recognition Parade is hugely appreciated.